Are You a Sole Trader or a Small Business Owner?
Are You a Sole Trader or a Small Business Owner?
Do You Want TO SCALE Your Business?
Do You Want TO SCALE Your Business?
Get Coached, Mentored and Trade Secrets from the former CEO of the UK's largest Independent Boiler Installation Company

Join the Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy and you are guaranteed to:

  • Get more Customers​
  • ​Expand your business
  • ​Increase Profits
  • ​Watch your Sales Grow
  • ​Make Lots of Money
  • ​Add Products and Services
  • ​Enter New Markets
  • ​Open Double Doors of Opportunity
  • ​Reach your Full Potential
  • ​Increase Credit Limits
  • ​Build your Workforce
  • ​Network with Suppliers, Manufacturers and Like-Minded Business People
  • ​Get 24 Hour Support (VIP only)
  • ​Guidance and Help
Grow Your Business Today. Make more sales. Network with people Like you.
About the 
trade mastermind & Coaching Academy
The Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy was set up to support one man bands, sole traders and SME's in construction. 

The focus is support with growth, there is no one in construction teaching a successful business strategy to the tradesman that allows them to expand what they are good at and also build a successful company and brand at the same time. With the aim to 'Get off the Tools.."

The business was founded by Joseph Valente a former Gas Engineer tradesman, turned CEO of a National Plumbing business and his thoughts are this; 

"Plumbers start plumbing businesses. Electricians start electrical businesses. Builders build houses. But no one teaches us how to actually run a business, how to sell, market, finance, scale, comply with health and safety and rules and regulations. These are just some of the reasons why sole traders don't live out their full potential in business. "

"I scaled from one man and a van to a National Company within 7 years with over 150 people in the business doing millions in sales per month"

"I've made every mistake under the sun, there's not much I now don't know! I want you to learn and make money from my successes' but also learn and save money by knowing my mistakes."

Eight in ten sole trader businesses fail within the first 18 months of operation. Don't let this be you! 
- From one man in a van to a National Installation Business - 
Struggling to Grow Your Business?
If you are struggling to grow or scale your business, if you are feeling lonely and need support then it might be time to get in touch with Joseph and his team to see how he can help you. Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy propels your business to make more money, more sales, offers ultimate guidance and support, and to jump over that growth wall. 

Most small businesses are left in the dark, feeling hopeless, and lost without a chance to survive. Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy will offer trade secrets and expert advice on growth, strategy and helping to expand your skillset, whilst networking with some of the most influential people in the trade industry.
" Everyone makes the mistake of starting a business because they were good at the job. Plumbers start plumbing businesses. Electricians start electrical businesses. But who is teaching you how to actually run a business? "
Joseph's Story.

Beginning at 15, Joseph entered the industry as an apprentice and then starting his first business at 22: ImpraGas. Joseph has scaled from a one man in a van to a company that employs 150 nationally.

Then at just 25, Joseph gained Lord Alan Sugar as a business partner through winning the 2015 BBC Apprentice. At 27 years of age, Joseph brought back 50% shareholding from Lord Sugar and went on to scale the business alone to a national organisation.

Joseph Valente has helped many business owners through his 1-2-1 and group Masterminds. He has done the hard work and made the mistakes, so you don't have to. He gives his best knowledge and expertise to business owners to help their business grow and expand quickly, effectively and efficiently.
The question isn't, can you afford to have a mentor but can you afford not to?
Founder of the
TRADE MASTERMIND & Coaching Academy
TRADE MASTERMIND & Coaching Academy
Joseph Valente: CEO of The Trade Mastermind
  • 2015 BBC Apprentice Winner
  • ​Awarded National Installer of the Year
  • ​Forbes 30 Under 30
  • ​Number one Best Selling Author
  • ​IOD Direct of the Year
  • ​Number One Business Podcast on iTunes
Joseph set up in the Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy in 2018 to help and support small business owners to allow them to expand their business quickly and effectively.

Ollie- CEO of ODM Plumbing & Heating

"Working within the commercial heating and plumbing industry has been difficult to win large corporate clients. Joseph has guided me in setting out specific goals, allowing me to just close one of our largest commercial schools at £100,000."

Steve - CEO of Henri-Taylor Heating

"The Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy has helped me identify a number of different ways of how to be more efficient, scale and grow my business. My company has gone from 2,000 sales per week to 18,000. This has happened by tweaking my installation model off the back of Joseph's mentorship and advice."
Trade Mastermind
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