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2nd december, 7pm

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If you are struggling to grow or scale your business, If you need support in this area, we have you covered.

The Trade Business Accelerator Live Training will propel your business into growth and lead you to increasing your income and building a solid future proof business.
Learn How To:
  • Get More Customers​
  • Expand Your Business
  • ​Increase Your Profits
  • ​Build Your Workforce
  • Generate Consistent Leads
  • ​Close More Sales
  • ​Go From Tradesman To Businessman
  • Get Off The Tools
  • Scale Your Business
  • ​Reach New Markets
  • ​Reach Your Full Potential

Here Are Some Areas You Will Learn More About

How To Finally Break Through Your Revenue Ceiling

It's often the case that you hit a certain level and income and it's hard to get past it. We'll show you how to reach the next step

Learn and Understand The Strategies To Grow Your Business

Our proven strategies that work for over 150 of our coaching clients will work for you too.

How to Make 10's of Thousands More £££ Per Month

Increasing your income comes down to getting 2 things right. Quality and consistent lead generation and sales, follow up and closing strategies. We will cover each of these in the live training.

Get Motivated & Excited About Where Your Business Can Take You

There is HUGE potential and opportunity in the construction industry, and we will show you where to look to find it.

...and MUCH Much More

The 3 Secrets To Growing

Your Trade & Construction Business

Unlock The Secret Behind Making Money In The Construction Industry

There is a lot of money to be made in the construction industry. We will show you how to get the most out of the industry, where to find the best leads, how to close down deals, and finally we'll give you all the techniques you need to build  your business for success.

Secure & Future Proof Your Business

There has never been a better time to grow your business. The key to ensuring longevity in your business, is growth. The industry as we know it is changing, now is the time to ADAPT. Don't get left behind and become just another statistic. Learn the proven strategy to scaling your business to a 'comfortable' Rewarding level. 

Get Everything You Need To Grow You Business Quickly

We have mapped out every step you need to take to get the most out of your trade business. The window of opportunity is always getting smaller. Register and watch our FREE online training to claim everything you need to succeed. 

Learn From Our Multi Award Winning CEO


as He Shows You How to Grow Your Trade Business

in 2020 and Beyond

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The Trade Business Accelerator Live Training...

This Is The Last Trade Business Accelerator On Our Calendar

We don't run these events often
You may be thinking "It's fine, i'm sure they'll do another one" But as it stands at the moment, we only have the time and resources to run this free training on a limited one-off basis.

The Software We Use Limits Us To Just 500 People 

There are over 1.2 Million Businesses in the UK construction industry - Our training platform limits us to just 500 people on one event.
It may sound cliche but the reality is. We genuinely have a limited number of spaces available. Of which 50% fill up within the first few days of promotion.

We Know You're Busy, So We've Made It Easy For You To Watch

Watch the training across all devices. (Phone, laptop, tablet, iPad, or PC) 
If you're on a job, at home, in the van or at the office... You can't miss this training, so we've made it possible for you to watch from anywhere!! All you need to do it register and attend.

If You're Busy Now, Great. But You Need To Know This Information To Continue On That Path

Workload may be good at the moment, but nothing lasts forever!
Times are changing and the information you will receive in this training will be vital to your long-term success.

Advanced Lead Generation Strategies, Sales Techniques and Proven Methods To Grow Your Business In Trade & Construction

Get Everything You Need To Grow Your Business - Learn where to find new sources of leads, how to handle common objections like 'I need to think about it' and get the proven strategy behind expanding your business and increasing your income.
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The Trade Business Accelerator Training

Still Have Questions?
Here Are Some Answers:

Is the Trade Business Accelerator Training Right For Me?
This training is for ALL trades within the construction industry. This includes: Plumbers, Electricians, Heating, Gas installation & Maintenance, Landscapers, Architects, Builders, Renovations, Groundworks, Consultancy, Health & Safety, Accounting, Property Maintenance, Surveying, Carpentry, Joinery, Gardening Services, Plastering, Cleaning Services, Security, Digger & Skip hire, Locksmiths, Air conditioning, Bathrooms & Kitchen Installation, Electrical Testing, Interior Design, Flooring, Painter & Decorator, Tree Surgeon, Repair Services and many many more....
Where Does The Trade Business Accelerator Training Take Place?
The Trade Business Accelerator Training takes place online. The training is completely live and there won't be a replay available. Once you register, you will receive your unique link to watch the training on the date and time of the event. During the training you will see the host, Joseph Valente presenting the training and you can also get involved in the comments section.
What If Can’t Attend All The Presentations? Will There Be A Replay?
There will be no replay of the training. The training is LIVE and requires your interaction throughout so you get the most out of being there. We also have a limit of just 500 people on our events so we recommend to register now.
How Much £ Is The Training?
The training is 100% FREE. Although the training will be going up to the original price of  £197 + VAT very soon! Register for FREE while you still can to take advantage of this opportunity.

Meet Your Host

Joseph Valente

Founder & CEO of the Trade Mastermind
"Plumbers start plumbing businesses. Electricians start electrical businesses. Builders build houses. But no one teaches us how to actually run a business, how to sell, market, finance, scale, comply with health and safety and rules and regulations. These are just some of the reasons why sole traders don't live out their full potential in business. "
  • BBC Apprentice Winner
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Winner
  • Awarded National Installer Of The Year
  • Number #1 Best Selling Author
  • ​#1 Business Podcast on iTunes
"I scaled from one man and a van to a National Company within 7 years with over 150 people in the business doing millions in sales per month"

"I've made every mistake under the sun, there's not much I now don't know! I want you to learn and make money from my successes' but also learn and save money by knowing my mistakes."

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